26 October 2020

Inequalities in Health Alliance launches

The College is proud to be a founder member of the Inequalities in Health Alliance which has launched today.

The alliance is a new coalition of nearly 80 organisations, brought together by the Royal College of Physicians, which has been launched to press for urgent action to address health inequalities.

The Inequalities in Health Alliance (IHA) is demanding a cross-government strategy to reduce health inequalities:

  • unfair and avoidable differences in health across the population, and between different groups within society.
  • Health inequalities, which may involve differences in access to health care or  the standards of care available, can damage quality of life and even shorten life expectancy.

Research commissioned by the Royal College of Physicians for the launch of the IHA shows widespread concern over health inequalities and overwhelming support for action.

The College recognises that representation, especially at senior levels, does not reflect the wealth of diversity of our members. As a first step to address this, we have been listening to colleagues about their experiences, and have asked many organisations with expertise in this area how we can support a more diverse leadership culture. We have recruited an Advisory Group to make further recommendations to the College Trustee Board on how we can encourage and enable more people of all identities and from all backgrounds to become involved in the College.