30 June 2022

Self-accreditation records reflective learning CPD points gained by participating in educational events that are not already approved by a college.  


Have you found that an activity you wish to do is not listed in the CPD credits guidelines?  

Are you still able to claim CPD credits for the activity?

Yes, of course you can! The RCPath CPD scheme allows participants to claim CPD credits for any activity, as long as it is relevant and of high quality, via self-accreditation.  

Self-accreditation means you determine how many CPD credits to award yourself based on the activity. You can use other similar activities in the document below as a guide to the number of credits to claim (normally 1 CPD credit = 1 hour of educational learning).

Please remember to provide supporting information when entering an activity via your online CPD portfolio. You can do this in various ways, for example:

  • upload a file from your computer
  • scan a file and upload 
  • take a photo with a smartphone or tablet of the evidence and upload
  • enter details of the activity and what you learned in the Description text box. 


  • If you attend a MDT meeting and there is a rare case presented with a discussion around it, you may feel there is learning in it for you.  You may then read about the condition to consolidate the experience.  As a result, you can claim an hour’s clinical CPD using the comments section to reflect on the learning.
  • You may go to a board meeting where you learn about aspects of service planning, design and redesign.  The meeting may last 3 hours but the bit that was new and extended over the middle hour, so you can claim one CPD point (professional) again, taking the opportunity to record your reflective learning after the event.
  • You may go to a grand round and hear a presentation of new diagnostic research about antimicrobial stewardship.  The meeting is not CPD approved, but you can claim a point of academic learning and record your reflection in the log.

If you have any queries please email: [email protected]