2 August 2016

Work has started on demolishing the Goodman Building

Demolition of the Goodman Building has begun and is expected to take around four months. The building has been surrounded by scaffolding and hoardings for several weeks while fixtures and fittings, including windows and the front door, have been removed. The building will now be demolished from the top down, with material being routed down the central atrium to the ground floor for disposal. It is expected to take around two weeks for each of the building’s five storeys to be demolished.

I had an opportunity to visit the top of the building just before the roof was demolished. After climbing several flights of dimly-lit stairs and two vertical ladders I found myself on the roof, which was already covered in rubble and debris. As you can see I had to wear steel-toed boots, a high visibility vest, safety goggles and a hard hat. I was struck by the amazing views of London in all directions – the views from the upper floors of the new building will be impressive.

The RIBA stage 4 plans for the new building were signed off by the Trustee Board on July 28th. A contractor to build the new premises was also selected and will now start work on detailed plans for the new building. Construction is expected to start towards the end of the year.‚Äč