14 March 2019

You can now make sure your email displays in our online member handbook, which contains details of Fellows and Diplomates currently registered with the College

Today, we’ve updated our online member handbook, giving you control over how your personal information is shared. We hope these changes make it easier for our members to keep in touch with colleagues in and outside of the UK.

The online handbook lists all Fellows (including those who are current and retired) and Diplomates.

What’s changed?

  • Last year, we made some changes to our online member handbook to comply with new data protection legislation – including removing members’ contact details.
  • You will now be able to add your email to the handbook, so if you choose, you can keep in touch with other members of the College.
  • You can add your email by logging in and visiting ‘My account’ – the settings can be changed at the bottom of the page.
  • Members are asked whether they wish to be included in the handbook when they first join the College. If you no longer wish to be listed, you can make this change inside ‘My account’.

How do I access the handbook?

The online member handbook is located in the MyRCPath members’ areas of the site. It is only available when logged in and is accessible to:

  • all Fellows – current and retired members who pay a subscription
  • Diplomates
  • registered College trainees, including joint JRCPTB trainees and MTI trainees.

If you think you should have access to the member handbook but are having trouble accessing it, please contact the digital team at rcpath@rcpath.org.