4 May 2021

The College’s regional map provides a snapshot of key activities coming up in May, June and July.

The College and its officers organise and support activities around the world, including across the UK and the Republic of Ireland, to ensure our work caters to and represents the incredible range of perspectives and experiences of the diverse pathology workforce. As well as meeting our members – through the President’s lab tour and the ongoing work of our regional representatives – we also run a host of events, supporting professionals through conferences, providing students with careers inspiration and engaging the public.

This map provides a snapshot of key activities coming up in May, June and July. It also shows the location of our regional representatives, so you can see the network of pathologists and scientists who bring local issues to the fore at a national level.  

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, many of these events and activities are taking place online. 

How to use the map 

  • To see details of all activities, select the Google maps icon.JPG box with an arrow in the top left-hand corner. If a large proportion of activities are in one location (e.g. 6 Alie Street), the pinpoints will appear to be grouped together. It is best to use the filter section on the left-hand side. You can also use the zoom in tool.
  • To view a specific event or person on the map, simply click the pin and a short description will appear.
  • To see only one layer of the map (for example, Council meetings), open the key on the left-hand and select layers to toggle them on and off.
  • To expand the map, click the square in the top right-hand corner.