11 May 2018

The College teams up with South West London Pathology to create new public engagement videos explaining what happens in the laboratory

The first of a series of videos by the College and South West London Pathology has been released on social media.

The first video charts the journey of a biopsy and the pathologists and scientists it encounters as it makes its way through the lab. The video showcases the experts who are working in laboratories day in and day out in order for diagnoses to be made swiftly and accurately.

While the video tells the factual tale of what happens to a biopsy, it also focuses on the people in the lab.

Many of the scientists and pathologists talk passionately about their work. For example, Biomedical Scientist Evangelos says: “You do help a lot of people, and it’s a very satisfying way of doing something. Each block is important to somebody, and each tissue that comes in, you’re geared to get it done as fast as possible, because people are waiting on results”.

The link to the video is below. We would appreciate anyone sharing the video where they can using #DiscoverPathology.