19 August 2022

Our annual Pathology Summer School offers UK medical students the chance to discover more about pathology and its role in healthcare. They have the opportunity to meet pathologists at different stages of their careers and connect with their peers. The event is sponsored by the College and our partners, including the British Division of the International Academy of Pathology, the Pathological SocietyBritish Society for HaematologyAssociation of Clinical Pathologists, the British Infection Association and the British Neuropathological Society

The 2022 Pathology Summer School took place on 11 and 12 August and was hosted by the College. This was the first in-person event for three years and it was a huge success. Around 70 medical students from across the UK joined us for the two-day event and the programme included a mix of lectures and interactive breakout sessions. 

Students attended lectures by College President Professor Mike Osborn, Vice President for Professionalism Professor Peter Johnston and established consultants on a wide range of topics, discovering more about the different specialties, pathology training and the day-to-day activities of a pathologist. Interactive breakout sessions gave students the chance to discover more about a specialty of their choice while working in small groups with fellow students. The first day ended with a BBQ where students could interact one-to-one with each other and consultants.

The second day of the event included further breakout sessions and lectures within the Gordon Museum of Pathology, where students were able to look at real life exhibits of organs.

This was a free event based on successful student applications to attend the event. The application for next year’s Pathology Summer School will be opening in January via our website.