13 January 2023

A letter from NHS Blood and Transplant outlining actions for Trusts in England to conserve blood stocks.

NHS Blood and Transplant - Re Royal College of Nursing industrial action and impact on blood supply - England 

`NHS Blood and Transplant’s red cell and group A platelet stock levels are low and we are in a pre-Amber alert status for both. We don’t yet know the extent of the impact the strike action will have on supply, but we will need your support to conserve stock from 16 to 30 January 2023, to help prevent going into an amber or red alert. The blood stocks that will be most affected will be O negative red cells and group A platelets.'

  • Dr Farrukh Shah Professor, Medical Director, Transfusion, NHS Blood and Transplant
  • Cheng-Hock Toh Medical Director - Consultant Haematologist, Chair of National Blood Transfusion Committee

The full letter is available to download below: