17 March 2021

Following disruption caused by COVID-19, the College has concerns over the backlog of non-COVID-19 related illness, especially cancer care, and the related surge of demand for pathology services.

The Royal College of Pathologists has today launched its priorities for Wales, drawn up by the College Wales Regional Council, for the 2021 Senedd elections. The priorities document is available to download in both English and Welsh. 

The College hosts Regional Councils, comprising specialty members, for the devolved nations. These Regional Councils provide professional leadership in their country and contribute at a national and UK level to the maintenance and development of pathology services and the quality of care that patients receive.

In May the people of Wales will elect their representatives to the Welsh Senedd. A new government will take responsibility for a range of devolved areas, including health services.

The College priorities for the next government focus on the following areas:

  • Investing in workforce for patients
  • IT and infrastructure for better patient care
  • Improving public health and ending health inequalities
  • COVID-19 and pathology services

In this priorities document we look at the key challenges facing pathologists and call on the new government to address these areas.

The Royal College of Pathologists’ priorities for the Wales 2021 elections - English version

The Royal College of Pathologists' Priorities for the Wales 2021 elections - Welsh version