3 October 2023

We held our hugely successful annual Pathology Summer School on 10–11 August, with 65 medical students from around the UK attending the event.

The Summer School gives students a unique opportunity to discover more about what pathology has to offer as a career through interactive breakout sessions and lecture presentations.

Students attended both the College and the Gordon Museum of Pathology across the 2 days and were able to tailor the days to the pathology specialties of their choice. An evening BBQ allowed students to get to know each other and speak to consultants on a one-to-one level.

The feedback from the event has been fantastic and highlights the importance of engaging with students early in their education.

`I never knew I could fall in love with a specialty so quickly. All it took was two days over this summer school to make me fall in love with one of the most underrated and undervalued specialties. This is something everyone should have the ability to experience. I cannot thank everyone enough at the Royal College of Pathologists for the most fantastic couple of days, so many friends made, being able to speak to likeminded people and experts in the field I cannot wait to become a part of in years to come. Thank you RCPath.'

`Really amazing experience where I learnt so much about pathology as a speciality that they do not teach you in university! All the staff had a wealth of knowledge which has really helped plan my next few years. You will not be disappointed!'

`The Summer School is an amazing opportunity to spend a few days reflecting and learning about medicine and careers outside of the grind of passing exams. You will spend time with passionate doctors and get a real sense of what your future could look like - it opened my eyes to so many possibilities in medicine!'

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