10 May 2017

The winners of the Research Medal Awards 2016 are as follows:

Miss Roanna George - Winner of Clinical Biochemistry category and winner of overall College Medal.
Name of paper:
Effect of Dried Blood Spot Quality on Newborn Screening Analyte Concentrations and Recommendations for Minimum Acceptance Criteria for Sample Analysis.
Publication: Pediatric Clinical Chemistry, 12 October 2015

Four specialty research medals were awarded to:

Dr Naomi Gadsby - Winner of the Medical Microbiology category.
Name of paper:
 Comprehensive Molecular Testing for Respiratory Pathogens in Community-Acquired Pneumonia.
Publication: Clinical Infectious Diseases 7 January 2016

Dr Marwan Kwok - Winner of the Haematology category.
Name of paper:
ATR inhibition induces synthetic lethality and overcomes chemoresistance in TP53 or ATM-defective chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells.
Publication: Blood Journal, 12 November 2015

Dr Merlin Pereira - Winner of the Histopathology category.
Name of paper:
Evidence of disrupted high-risk human papillomavirus DNA in morphologically normal cervices of older women
Publication: Scientific Reports, 15 February 2016

Dr Maurizio Poli - Winner of the Smaller Specialties category.
Name of paper:
Characterization and quantification of proteins secreted by single human embryos prior to implantation
Publication: EMBO Molecular Medicine, 15 October 2015

The standard of applications received this year was incredibly high. The Research Committee would like to acknowledge the quality of the work produced by all applicants, and had a difficult time selecting the five medallists.  There will be an article featuring the winners in the July issue of the College Bulletin.