17 May 2022

Join our volunteers and claim CPD credits!

The College attaches great importance to the duties of its assessors on Advisory Appointment Committees (AACs or interview panels); they act as our spokesperson regarding the adequacy of the candidate's suitability for the post.

College assessors nominated to sit on AACs play a vital role in helping us uphold the highest standards of pathological practice in all specialties. 

One of the five core members of the committee must be an assessor nominated by the College. The assessor’s role is to ensure that the recommended candidate or candidates are suitably trained to take up the post. The College assessor is usually the only external influence on an AAC.

In recognition of the College representative’s role, the College’s Professional Standards team has assigned 2 CPD credits to each AAC attended by the College representatives.

The Professional Standards team is also pleased to acknowledge the contribution our volunteers make to job description reviews and has assigned 1 CPD credit for each review carried out.

In addition, the College is offering training to attend an AAC. It is open to medical consultants and consultant clinical scientists who are established i.e. more than 3 years in a substantive post, undertaking CPD, have Equality and Diversity training, and would be interested in representing the College. The training has been assigned 1 CPD credit. If you are interested, please email: workforce@rcpath.org