The Art and Science of Practical Management

A programme of case based and reflective learning about the management of complex or difficult situations from the President of the Royal College of Pathologists, Professor Jo Martin, facilitated by the Chair of the Trainees’ Advisory Committee, Dr Matthew Clarke drawing on the theory and practical aspects of leadership and management in a healthcare setting.

Aimed at trainees, new and established consultants, clinical scientists and biomedical scientists, students and staff who want to reflect on their skills, and learn some tools that may be helpful in dealing with difficult situations.


Week 1

The role and the objectives... Why? And why bother?

Week 2

Follow the money... Commisioning and financial flows

Week 3

Core tools in surfing the system - “Can you just send me the....”

Week 4

Dealing with mistakes and complaints

Week 5

Dealing with the unpleasant - “Expecto patronum...”

Week 6

Gossip, raising concerns and whistleblowing “I want to tell you about....”

Week 7

The public face of leadership and management “The Daily Mail test”

Week 8

Policy and influence – “How do I succeed in the things I want to do”