The Oxford Bone Infection Conference aims to facilitate multidisciplinary team working in the management of complex bone and joint infection.


  • Why me? … and other important questions patients might ask
  • Diagnosis of bone and joint infection      
  • Surgical management of prosthetic joint infection            
  • Wound closure
  • How I treat long bone infection
  • Trials and big data; Big data in bone and joint infection:  QIST, INFORM, SOLARIO
  • Looking after the patient – managing expectations
  • Workshops: Fracture related infections & The quinolone debate


  • Consultants
  • Trainees
  • Nurses
  • Scientists
  • Pharmacists


  • Dr Matt Scarborough, Oxford
  • Mr David Stubbs, Oxford
  • Dr Bridget Atkins, Oxford
  • Mr Ben Kendrick, Oxford
  • Mr Alex Ramsden, Oxford
  • Professor Martin McNally, Oxford
  • Dr Ruth Corrigan, Oxford
  • Mr Andrew Price, Oxford
  • Professor Mike Reed, Northumbria
  • Professor Ashley Blom, Bristol
  • Dr Maria Dudareva, Oxford
  • Dr David Henderson-Slater, Oxford
  • Mr Jamie Ferguson, Oxford
  • Dr Charlie Woodrow, Oxford
  • Dr Louise Dunsmure, Oxford

For more information, please contact: Anne Taylor:

  • 09:00 - 08/12/2020 to 15:15 - 09/12/2020
  • Online