In this webinar, run by the Limbic in collaboration with HaemSTAR, join Prof. Ian Roberts and Dr Richard Buka as they discuss the WOMAN-2 trial, which found a strong association between maternal anaemia, postpartum haemorrhage and the risk of death in women from low and middle-income countries.


In this webinar, Prof. Roberts will present key results from the WOMAN-2 trial and discuss the potential biological mechanisms behind the findings. He will also discuss CRASH-4, a trial investigating the early use of tranexamic acid in older adults with mild traumatic brain injuries. There will also be a 15 minute Q&A session, for audience members to ask questions.


This webinar is aimed at Haematology Consultants and Advanced Trainees.


  • Ian Roberts, Professor of Epidemiology at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.
  • Richard Buka, Chair of HaemSTAR and Haematology Registrar, currently working on his PhD at the University of Birmingham.

  • 08:30 - 15/09/2023 to 09:15 - 15/09/2023
  • Virtual event, United Kingdom