Online bookings close at midnight 16 May 2017. If you wish to book after this time, please call the office on 0207 451 6715 


DAY 1: Friday 19th May

08.30 Registration and coffee

09.00 Welcome  - Dr Raji Ganesan

Chair: Dr Naveena Singh

09.10 An approach to endometrial biopsy interpretation - non neoplastic conditions and hyperplasia -  Professor Glenn McCluggage

09.50 An approach to endometrial biopsy interpretation - hormone induced changes - 

Dr Alastair Williams

10.30 Tea break

Chair: Professor Glenn McCluggage

11.00 An approach to endometrial biopsy interpretation - typing and grading carcinomas - Professor Blake Gilks

11:40 Endometrial carcinomas - prognostic factors other than grade, type and stage -

Dr Tjalling Bosse

12:10 Sound bite: p53 interpretation - Dr Naveena Singh

12.30 Sound bite: Clinical trials and 100K genome project: crucial role of the pathologist -

Dr Mercedes Jimenez-Linan


LUNCH AND BAGP AGM 12.50-13.50


Chair: Dr Gerry van Schalkwyk

13.50 Smooth muscle tumours of the uterus including a practical approach to the crucial morphological determinants - mitoses and necrosis - Professor Esther Oliva

14.30 Mesenchymal tumours of the uterus - a molecular approach – Dr VP Sumathi

15.00 Sound bite: Workload recommendations - views from both sides of the pond – Professor Blake Gilks, Dr Gareth Rowlands

15.20 Tea break

Chair: Dr Asma Faruqi

15.50 Sound bite - Reproducibility in gynaecological pathology – Professor Esther Oliva

16.10 Sound bite: Since May 2016 - what's new in gynae path -  Dr Mona El-Bahrawy

16.30 An approach to endometrial stromal & related tumours - a guide for the non-specialist - Professor Glenn McCluggage

17.00 Close - Dr Raji Ganesan

Conference Dinner 6.30pm at venue to be confirmed


DAY 2: Saturday 20th May

Slide Seminars

08.30 Registration and coffee

09.00 Welcome 

Chair: Dr Naveena Singh

09.10 Cervical and lower genital tract pathology - Professor Glenn McCluggage

10.00 Endometrial pathology - Dr Tjalling Bosse

10.50 Tea break

Chair: Dr Raji Ganesan

11.20 Mesenchymal and mixed tumours of the uterus - Professor Esther Oliva

12.10 Omental and peritoneal biopsy -  Professor Blake Gilks

13.00 Close – Dr Naveena Singh


Two–day Early bird rate:
BAGP Consultant Members: £290
BAGP Trainee Members: £100
Consultant Non Member: £320
Trainee Non Member: £125

Standard rate as of 16th April 2017:
BAGP Consultant Members: £350
BAGP Trainee Members: £150
Consultant Non Member: £380
Trainee Non Member: £180

Conference dinner:
£50 per person

Poster Submission

Invitation to submit an abstract for BAGP Annual Meeting

Trainee pathologists are invited to submit abstracts for poster presentation for the BAGP Annual Meeting 2017.

Abstracts may be submitted via email to on any topic relevant to gynaecological pathology.


Submission of abstracts by email by 15th April 2017. All submissions will be acknowledged.

Decision will be conveyed by email by 24th April 2017


  1. Your 200 word abstract should include the aims of the study, brief details of methods, results and key conclusions. Abstracts should be descriptive and concise.
  2. Abstracts should NOT contain references, tables or figures.
  3. Abstracts should be submitted via email as an attachment saved in Microsoft Word.
  4. Abstract format
    Title: To be set flush left of page, using sentence case, i.e. initial capital letter, followed by lower case.
    Followed by double spacing, then author/s name/s in upper and lower case.
    Authors and their organisations to be linked by numbers.

    See following as an example of abstract title:

    Australian lung cancer: The research behind it
    Phillips J1*, Thomas D2
    1 Australian Lung Foundation, Brisbane, Queensland
    2 Queensland Cancer Fund, Brisbane, Queensland

    Indents: use tabs or indents (not hard spaces)
    Please refrain from using printing enhancements such as italics, underlining, bold text, etc.
  5. Disclosure statement: Please note that we require all authors to make a declaration of statement of conflict of interest – this includes any association with a commercial or other sponsor that could affect your independence or objectivity.