Outpatient parenteral antimicrobial therapy (OPAT) allows for medically stable patients to be discharged (or avoid admission completely) who require a course of intravenous antimicrobial agents. OPAT is a vital scheme that can prevent hospital admissions, reduce a patient’s length of stay in hospital through early discharge, plus reduce the risk of hospital acquired infections.


  • BSAC OPAT Initiative – where are we now?
  • Outcomes from OPAT referrals
  • Experience of Elastomeric Devices and a Patient Perspective of Self-OPAT
  • OPAT and the DAU (Direct Assessment Unit)
  • Expansion to OPAT – Self-OPAT and complex orals
  • The Role of the Podiatrist in OPAT: Experience Across Two Sites


All HCPs


  • Eileen Dorgan, Consultant Microbiologist, Antrim Hospital, Northern Health and Social Care Trust
  • Mark Gilchrist, Consultant Pharmacist Infectious Diseases, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust
  • Peter Nelson, Consultant Microbiologist South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust
  • Sara Hedderwick, Infection Doctor Southern Health and Social Care Trust
  • Julie Hale, Lead OPAT Nurse and Leeanne Stewart OPAT Pharmacist Belfast HSCT
  • Damian Duffy, Specialty Doctor Acute Medicine Northern Trust
  • Louise McCorry ID Consultant Belfast Health and Social Care Trust
  • Jane McCoy and Jane Beggs, Podiatrists Northern Health and Social Care Trust
  • Aimee McGreal Bellone, Infection Doctor, Beaumont Hospital
  • Peter McKee, Lead OPAT Pharmacist Southern Health and Social Care Trust

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