As genomic analysis becomes increasingly important in cancer diagnostics and precision medicine, there is a knowledge gap to fill in the clinical workforce.

Supported by RCPath, CM-Path and HEE have linked with the US Training Residents in Genomics group to deliver a team-based learning programme developed to meet the training needs of Pathologists on the 17th and 18th July 2019. This will be combined with ‘state-of-the-art’ lectures on specific topics and an overview of the new NHS Genomic Medicine Service. There will be an opportunity to undertake a competency test following the workshop. This will be an interactive, hands-on, practical workshop that will empower you to embrace the exciting advances in molecular pathology.

Register now: There will be a small charge of £15 for the workshop.

There will also be 10 travel bursaries available for trainees to attend this workshop. If you would like to apply for a travel bursary, please email us explaining why you want to attend this meeting and what you hope to gain from the meeting. If you have any questions or to apply for a travel bursary, please email

Getting to Grips with Genomics workshop: Training the Trainer, 17th July AM

Molecular pathology is advancing rapidly and is a growing part of our daily practice. An important part of being a Consultant Pathologist is educating our trainees, formally and informally. This workshop is designed to arm Consultants with the skills and tools to guide trainees through a Molecular Pathology Training Programme. It is aimed at TPDs and those active in education delivery to enable development of local and regional training sessions to fulfil the requirements of our trainees. This workshop will be a half day workshop on the morning of the 17th July 2019. Please register your interest by emailing There will be no charge for this event, but you will have to fund your own travel to the event.

  • 09:00 - 17/07/2019 to 17:00 - 18/07/2019