This is a course for developing training and facilitation skills in genomics for healthcare and pathogen surveillance, for applicants primarily based in the UK or Ireland.

This FREE course will provide participants with methods and techniques for training adult learners in analysis of genomics as applied in clinical management and public health. It integrates pedagogical aspects with pathogen genomic analysis, application and interpretation for management and surveillance of infectious disease. Participants will develop deeper knowledge of teaching and facilitation methodologies that they can later apply in their respective fields and work environments. Using a project-based learning approach, participants will be mentored on how to build their own training materials and design their own training. A combination of online training resources and in-person sessions will be followed by ongoing mentorship and network building activities.
The course include self-paced online pre-course work followed by 3.5 days in-person sessions, consisting of lectures, hands-on exercises, genomic analysis demonstrations and group projects.


  • Genomics and data science
  • Introduction to genomics, data and ethics
  • Flow of data from sample to decision-making
  • Genomics data tools and pipelines
  • Data formats, analysis and presentation
  • Interpretation and application of genomic results
  • Training design
  • Training strategies for professionals
  • Elements of effective training and communication in genomics and bioinformatics
  • Outcome based approaches to training design
  • Evaluation planning and implementation
  • Delivery and Facilitation skills

Learning outcomes
At the end of the course, trainees will be able to:

  • Explain the flow of pathogen genomic data/information from generation to interpretation in healthcare and public health settings.
  • Design training and communication formats by applying evidence-based learning science methodologies.
  • Identify appropriate training resources for use in training pathogen genomics and surveillance tools.
  • Deliver pathogen genomic data science training to professionals working in genomic epidemiology, surveillance and outbreak investigation.
  • Evaluate the self-developed training and knowledge sharing of pathogen genomic data science.


Healthcare professionals in the UK, working in public health institutes, academia and hospitals.


  • Alice Matimba
  • Wilber Sabiiti
  • Charlene Rodrigues
  • Dusanka Nikolic
  • Katherine Kaldeli
  • Francesc Coll
  • Rachel Berkson
  • Silvia Argimon
  • Monica Abrudan

For more information, please contact: [email protected]

  • 10:00 - 06/03/2023 to 13:00 - 09/03/2023
  • Wellcome Genome Campus, Hinxton, UK, Cambridge, CB10 1SA, United Kingdom