The media training workshop delivered by Mark Brealey will equip IPC specialists to get their message across and help those who are (or are considering becoming) a media spokesperson for their Trust.


  • How the media works
  • Handling challenging issues and tough questions
  • Preparing for and handling media interviews
  • Practice interviews
  • Topics covered will include:
  • Tackling challenging, on-the-spot questions (where there may be no clear answer)
  • How to get your point across in a concise way
  • How to challenge inaccuracies in an appropriate manner

Scenarios covered will include:

  • A large outbreak with in patient- mortality or rapid transmission causing bloodstream infections/ITU admission
  • Healthcare associated infections from the built environment such as Pseudomonas in infants


IPC specialists


  • Mark Brealey from Mark Brealey Communications

For more information, please contact: [email protected]

  • 13:00 - 03/10/2023 to 16:00 - 03/10/2023
  • Virtual event, United Kingdom