The Microbiology Society's Annual Conference is a 4-day event with presentations and posters from across the entire breadth of microbiology, plus professional development sessions, networking opportunities and more.


  • The program is packed with invited speakers discussing the latest research from all areas of microbiology, multiple professional development sessions covering careers, journal publication practices and more.
  • Programmed session highlights include: ‘Microbiology meets Machine Learning’ where researchers will discuss current and future uses of Artificial Intelligence in the field; ‘A greener future: sustainable and scalable solutions in industrial microbiology and green pharma’ which will will bring together experts from industry and academia with a broad range of expertise to offer insights into the future of sustainable and scalable industrial microbiology; and ‘Antimicrobial Resistance: from molecules to clinic, where are we now?’ where experts will highlight the most recent advances on emergence of AMR in the environment, animals, and humans - from molecular mechanisms to epidemiological tools.


Scientists interested in microbes, their effects and their practical uses.


Alongside all the individual sessions, and this year’s Hot Topic lecture, ‘A high efficacy malaria vaccine’ by Professor Adrian Hill, highlighted speakers include the Microbiology Society’s Prize Winner lectures. This year’s prize winners are:

  • Professor Wendy Barclay, Action Medical Research Chair in Virology and Head of the Department of Infectious Disease at Imperial College London, UK.
  • Professor Sharon Peacock MRCP, MRCPath, PhD, FMedSci, CBE. Professor of Public Health and Microbiology at the University of Cambridge, UK.
  • Professor Ravindra Gupta Professor of Clinical Microbiology at the Cambridge Institute for Therapeutic Immunology and Infectious Diseases, UK.
  • Dr Tanmay Bharat Programme Leader at the Medical Research Council (MRC) Laboratory of Molecular Biology (LMB) in Cambridge, UK.
  • Professor Iruka N Okeke Professor of Pharmaceutical Microbiology and a Calestous Juma Science Leadership Fellow at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

  • 08:50 - 17/04/2023 to 17:00 - 20/04/2023
  • Birmingham International Convention Centre, 8 Centenary Centre, Birmingham, B1 2EA, United Kingdom