Event Overview - Important information

Please note this session is now fully booked. 

The New Fellows Ceremony is an invite only event, which honours all New Fellows to the College, as well as acknowledging the distinguished work they have undertaken in their examinations. Please note that these are on a  first come first serve basis, if you are unable to book the allotted time you require this is due to capacity being reached on this event. 

This event is free of charge. 

Event Times

  • Ceremony begins at 5.30pm
  • Introduction by the President, Professor Mike Osborn
  • Presentation of New Fellows and award winners
  • Welcome speech from one of the Vice Presidents
  • Ceremony should end by 6.30pm
  • Followed by a drink’s reception till 7.30pm
  • Close 7.30pm

All New Fellows are welcome to bring one guest to attend the event and the drinks reception. Children are not permitted to attend the ceremony. Any children over the age of 12 will count as a guest if you wish for them to attend the ceremony. 

Becoming a New Fellow
By participating in the New Fellows Ceremony, you agree to become a member of the college and to pay the full required membership fee in advance of attending the event.

Crèche facilities are available for children from 8 months old to  the age of twelve.

When booking and choosing a ceremony, you will be given the option for Crèche facilities. Please note these are limited spaces and will cost £30.00 per child. During the booking process we will require you to provide the age and name of your child. (Please note this information is confidential and will be provided to the creche facility only. This information is required to secure your place in the creche)

We also ask parents to provide suitable foods/snacks for their children during the event, as we will not be providing food on the day. 

During the process of booking online you will be asked a series of questions, please note all these fields must be complete to confirm your booking. Any missing fields will result in an incomplete form. 

Crèche Facility - Important information

Please see below important information from the crèche company

We can accommodate children from 8 months up to 12 years old. 

We will not be able to administer any medication to children but parents are welcome to do this themselves. Parents or guardians must be at the venue at all times as we are not permitted to care for any children unless their parent or guardian is on site and contactable E.G., by phone. Parents or guardians are asked to provide nappies, talc/cream and wet wipes if they would like us to change their child's nappy. Alternatively, we can call the child's parent or guardian whenever their child needs a nappy change. We will provide a change mat. 

Please advise us of any special needs that any of the children have as we may not be able to care for them or may require additional staff.  We will not be able to accept any children on the day that have special needs if additional support is required.

We are unable to accept any children suffering from an illness or infection into the crèche. Parents or guardians will be solely responsible for the care of their ill or infectious child. Parents or guardians will be advised if their child is ill whilst in the crèche, they will be asked to collect their child for their sole charge. This includes a cough, cold, high temperature and/or if the child is feeling generally unwell


  To be held at the Royal College of Pathologists, 6 Alie Street, London, E1 8QT

Membership prices

Please note that when participating in the New Fellows Ceremony you will be required to pay a yearly subscription fee, which is dependent on your location. If you have paid your membership fee but are unable to attend the ceremony, we will post your certificate after the ceremony.

For more information, please contact [email protected]