The seminar will showcase the practical implementation of some pioneering workflow technologies for both consultants and lab staff, that are delivering on the improved efficiency and cost reduction objectives of the Pathology Services Consolidation Project.

  • Histologists - will see how fast and easy reporting 'by speech' can be, but only when the technology is properly integrated with the LIMS. Digital (screen-based vs microscope) improves MDT/collaborative working.
  • BMS - can do cut-up work more productively and flexibly 'by speech' without the need for a bench assistant.
  • Pathology managers - careful implementation can reduce cost/turnaround, and improve work scheduling for lab and histopathology. 

Guest Speakers Include:

  • Dr Simon Wallace, Chief Clinical Information Officer - Nuance Communications UK
  • Will Davies, Senior BMS, Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Tim Wing, General Manager, Digital Pathology - Inspirata Europe
  • Malcolm Grant, Managing Director - TalkingPoint
  • Dr Fred Mayall – Consultant Histopathologist, Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton