This non-malignant haematology update day will provide a review of the abstracts presented at the latest ISTH meeting which are most useful for UK practice.


  • DOAC reversal and the management of major bleeds
  • Cancer associated thrombosis
  • Obstetric and Paediatric Haematology
  • HaemSTAR updates
  • Immunohaematology
  • Question times
  • Clinical diagnosis and management of TMA
  • ADAMTS13 assays in the diagnosis of TTP
  • Advances in sickle cell care and novel therapies
  • Auto immune haemolytic anaemia (AIHA)
  • Novel agents and emicizumab - real world experience
  • Panel Q & A and discussion


This event is suitable for consultants primarily, as well as nurses and trainees who are interested in this field of study.


  • Dr Will Lester, University Hospitals Birmingham
  • Dr Kate Musgrave, Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals
  • Dr Sue Pavord, Oxford University Hospitals
  • Dr John Grainger, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust
  • Dr Pip Nicholson, Queen Elizabeth Hospital
  • Dr Nichola Cooper, Imperial College London
  • Dr Kate Talks, Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals
  • Dr Mari Thomas, University College London Hospitals
  • Stephen MacDonald, Cambridge University Hospitals
  • Dr Clare Samuelson, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals
  • Dr Quentin Hill, Leeds Teaching Hospitals
  • Dr Sarah Mangles, Hampshire Hospitals
  • Dr Gill Lowe, University Hospitals Birmingham

For more information, please contact: [email protected]

  • 09:20 - 07/02/2023 to 17:15 - 07/02/2023
  • The Catalyst Centre Newcastle, 3, Helix, Science Square, Newcastle upon Tyne , Newcastle, NE4 5TG, United Kingdom