Do you know a junior doctor/former pathology trainee who is attempting to apply/reapply for specialist training in pathology but is struggling with this as their foundation competencies have expired?

We have organised a ‘Foundation Competencies Study Day’ where delegates will be taught, perform and be assessed on the relevant clinical skills. Attendance at this day will help a trainee to demonstrate their competence for their application.

Further information:

- A team of qualified clinicians and educators will provide both training and assessment for the clinical skills based foundation competencies.

- The delegates will be given a certificate to confirm completion of relevant competencies as part of the study day. 

- Delegates will need to indicate which competencies they wish to undertake from the list below to allow the team to set up and prepare.  

- HEE have said that this study day will help a junior doctor/trainee to demonstrate their competence and help towards gaining an 'Alternative Certificate of Competence' where it is needed. 

If you would like to sign up to this event, please contact Sharon Harman ( to book your place and arrange payment.

SIGN UP DEADLINE: 30th August 2019!

Cost: Discounted rate of £150

List of competencies to choose from:

  • Venepuncture 
  • IV Cannulation 
  • Prepare and administer IV medication and injections and fluids 
  • Blood culture (peripheral) 
  • IV infusion including the prescription of fluids 
  • IV infusion of blood and blood products 
  • Arterial puncture in an adult 
  • Injection of local anaesthetic to skin 
  • Subcutaneous injection 
  • Intramuscular injection
  • Perform and interpret an ECG 
  • Perform and interpret peak flow
  • Airway care including simple adjuncts.
  • Urethral catheterisation (male) 
  • Urethral catheterisation (female)