The Systems Approaches to Wound Healing free webinar on June 17th at 1pm - 4pm UK time. The event will bring together an international group of experts who will discuss the latest developments in wound healing research and how systems approaches can improve precision medicine in wound care.

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Programme (UK time):
1pm -1.05pm Chair: Prof. Simon Jones (Cardiff University)
1.05pm -1.40pm Prof. Paul Martin (University of Bristol): Investigating wound healing mechanisms by live imaging and mathematical modelling
1.40pm - 1.45pm Questions
1.45pm - 2.20pm Prof. Fiona Oakley (University of Newcastle): Epithelial and macrophage cross talk in wound repair
2.2pm - 2.25pm Questions
2.25pm - 2.35pm ConvaTec
2.35pm - 3.10pm Assoc. Prof. Traci Wilgus (The Ohio State University): Using fetal wound healing as a guide to understand skin regeneration and fibrosis
3.10pm - 3.15pm Questions
3.15pm - 3.50pm Prof. Yoram Vodovotz (Universsity of Pittsburgh): Wound Healing: Measurement, Modeling, and Modulation
3.50pm - 3.55pm Questions
3.55pm - 4.00pm Closing remarks

  • 13:00 - 17/06/2021 to 16:00 - 17/06/2021
  • Cardiff