The fifth edition of the WHO classification of the Tumours of the Female Genital Tract was published in September 2020. The BAGP is hosting a virtual educational day on Tumours of the Female Genital Tract Updates from the 5th edition of the WHO classification.


  • Process and challenges in updating a WHO classification
  • Changes in classification of cervical cancers
  • Endometrial carcinomas – changes in classification 
  • Changes in clinical practice as a result of the new WHO classification – endometrium and cervix
  • Mesenchymal tumours of the female genital tract – new entities and updates
  • Gestational trophoblastic tumours
  • Vulvar carcinomas – an update  
  • Clinical implications of the changes in classification – vulva
  • Epithelial tumours of the ovaries – an update
  • Non-epithelial tumours of the ovaries
  • Neuroendocrine neoplasia


  • Gynaecological general pathologists
  • Trainees


  • Dr Raji Ganesan
  • Professor Ian Cree
  • Professor Glenn McCluggage 
  • Dr Rupali Arora
  • Professor Naveena Singh
  • Professor Jonathan Ledermann
  • Professor Marissa Nucci
  • Dr Baljeet Kaur
  • Professor Pei Hui
  • Professor Jaume Ordi
  • Professor Jessica McAlpine
  • Dr Saimah Arif
  • Professor Blake Gilks
  • Dr Natalia Buza
  • Professor Glenn McCluggage

For more information, please contact:

All sessions will be moderated and there will be dedicated Q&A time for each topic. 

  • 09:30 - 27/01/2021 to 18:10 - 27/01/2021
  • Online, United Kingdom