Joint Working Group for Quality Assessment in Pathology

The Joint Working Group for Quality Assessment in Pathology is a multidisciplinary group accountable to the College for the oversight of performance in external quality assessment (EQA) schemes and monitoring of the EQA performance of clinical laboratories in the UK. This is achieved via discipline specific panels which report to the Joint Working Group. In turn, the Joint Working Group will work with failing laboratories but is also bound to report persistent poor performance to the Care Quality Commission.

Chair: Dr David James

Committee Members

Cellular Pathology National Quality Assessment Advisory Panel

The Cellular Pathology National Quality Assessment Advisory Panel (NQAAP) oversees the running of External Quality Assessment Schemes in Histopathology and Cytopathology. Find out more about the commitee and read the latest minutes on the committee page. 
Content related to NQAAPs – other than the Cellular Pathology NQAAP – is currently under review.