CPD approval for events

To apply please use our online CPD event approval form in the red box opposite.


CPD approval for all meetings is subject to a fee (inclusive of VAT), which is listed below.


International organisations with an MOU with the College or those applications accompanied by a request from the International department for the CPD fee to be waived 


Registered charities

£50 per day / 5 day cap 

Individuals/organisations of a non-commercial nature 

£100 per day / 5 day cap 

Commercial companies

£200 per day / 5 day cap 

Definition of Categories 

International applications

Specific international organisations may be granted a waiver of the CPD fee at the discretion of the International department.


A charity is defined as a non-profit organisation with philanthropic aims focused on ensuring public good.

Commercial companies

A commercial company is defined as an organisation which sells a product or service accompanied by an intention to make profit.

Individuals/organisations of a non-commercial nature

These are applications from individuals or organisations which do not fall under the category of a charity or commercial company and have not been approved by the International department for a waiver of the CPD event fee. They are typically applications made by pathologists or individuals who are either running a course or event themselves or on behalf of a group or organisation.  These include the following: workshop, webinar, conference, symposium, forum, scientific day/meeting, update course, study day, update day, meeting.  

Points to note

  • The College approves national/international events - physical and virtual - for CPD purposes where the vast majority of delegates are pathologists in consultant grade posts.
  • Applications should be made to the College at least four weeks in advance of the meeting.
  • A day is defined as up to 7 hours
  • Approval will not be granted for events which involve preparation for RCPath examinations or those aimed at trainees

Advertising your event

As a benefit of applying for CPD approval your event will be advertised as described below:

  • Advertised on the College calendar of events
  • Advertised in the President's e-newsletter for the current or following month
  • Advertised in the College Bulletin subject to publication deadlines
  • Advertised on Twitter

Please note that if your event conflicts with a College organised event, we will need to seek approval from the RCPath Events team. If we are unable to advertise your meeting you will receive a refund of 50% of the CPD fee paid (excluding any late application fee).

Guidance for organisers

For physical events organisers should continue to award delegates certificates of attendance with the number of CPD credits based on the number of whole hours of educational learning (excluding lunch and comfort breaks, poster viewings, networking etc).  CPD credits should be calculated at a rate of 1 CPD credit = one hour of educational learning. CPD credits are whole numbers but may be rounded up or down (e.g. 40 minutes may be rounded up to one hour = 1 CPD credit).

For virtual events organisers can either issue certificates of attendance specifying the total number of CPD credits based on the duration of the event or state on the certificate that delegates may claim up to a maximum number of CPD credits.

In either case, it is down to the delegate to claim CPD credits responsibly based on how much of the event they actually found beneficial; e.g. if a delegate is awarded a certificate of attendance for 5 CPD credits (a five hour event) but only found four of the five hours useful, they should only claim four CPD credits in their online CPD portfolio.  Conversely, if a delegate participated in additional learning they are able to self accredit for the additional time in their online CPD portfolio.

Frequently asked questions

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Online learning courses

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