Register for CPD

To register for CPD you must be either:

  • a UK-based pathologist
  • an overseas based RCPath Fellow
  • a UK-based career grade clinical scientist at grade B or C or AfC ≥ 7
  • a UK-based medically-qualified research academic
  • a UK-based Medical Examiner.

Participation is not compulsory if you are:

  • participating in a CME or CPD scheme offered by another medical Royal College or body
  • a non-clinical/medical research scientist, with non-clinical membership achieved by publication (published works) required to offer expertise in a specific area outside mainstream clinical practice; exemption is granted by the Panel of Examiners located outside the United Kingdom.

If you are eligible for our Scheme, simply complete our CPD registration form.

Having trouble with your application? Call the CPD Department on 0207 451 6720 for support.

For non-members

If you’re not a Fellow, Diplomate, Associate or Medical Examiner of the College, you’ll need to apply for Affiliate membership and then register to participate in the CPD scheme. Find out more about Affiliate membership.

Joining the scheme if you work abroad

Associates, Diplomates and Affiliates working overseas are not eligible to participate in the CPD scheme.

Overseas Fellows can participate in the CPD scheme for an additional annual fee and will need to contact our Membership and Finance department who will advise on the fee payable for overseas Fellows. However, it may be advisable for overseas Fellows to join an equivalent CPD scheme in the country to which they are moving, for example, the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia.