Series 1 COVID-19 pandemic: video-based learning

Throughout April, May, June and July, the College ran a weekly series of online seminars, looking at COVID-19 and its implications and impact on pathology.

Introduced by virologist and College Fellow, Professor Will Irving, each seminar was led by a subject expert. The format of the seminars is a 15-minute talk followed by 15-minute Q&A session. You can watch the recordings below.

The COVID-19 pandemic: SARS-CoV-2, the virus, and other coronaviruses

Chris Coleman, Assistant Professor of Infection Immunology, Department of Life Sciences, University of Nottingham

Testing and PCR diagnostics for COVID

Dr Kate Templeton, Consultant Clinical Scientist in Microbiology at the Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh

Clinical presentation and management of COVID-19

Dr Louise Berry, Consultant in Infectious Diseases and Virology at Nottingham University Hospitals

Testing: serological diagnostics for COVID-19

Professor Richard Tedder, Visiting Professor at the Department of Infectious Disease, Imperial College London

Sequencing: impacts on public health

Professor Judith Breuer, Professor of Virology at University College London

Treatment and clinical trials

Dr Vanya Gant, Consultant in Microbiology and Infectious Diseases at University College London

Convalescent Plasma for the treatment of COVID-19

Professor David Roberts, Associate Medical Director, NHS Blood and Transplant

PPE in hospital: requirements and challenges

Dr David Jenkins, Chair of the Royal College of Pathologists’ Joint Medical Microbiology and Medical Virology Specialty Advisory Committee and Consultant Medical Microbiologist at Leicester Royal Infirmary

Testing outside the NHS: regulatory and QA issues

Dr Rachael Liebmann, Vice President of Communications and International at the Royal College of Pathologists and Group Medical Director of The Doctors Laboratory and Health Services Laboratories

Processing samples: safety aspects for the lab 

Dr Catherine Moore, Consultant Clinical Scientist at Public Health Wales

The neurology of COVID-19: pathology and clinical implications

Professor Sebastian Brandner, Professor of Neuropathology at UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology 

‘So what is going on with coagulation in COVID-19 infection?’ 

 Professor Beverley Hunt, Professor of Thrombosis and Haemostasis at King’s College, London

Autopsy and tissue banking

Dr Michael Osborn, RCPath President Elect, Chair of the Royal College of Pathologists’ Death Investigations Committee and Consultant Histopathologist at Imperial NHS Trust, and Dr Brian Hanley, Cellular Pathologist at Imperial NHS Trust

The biochemistry of COVID-19: pathology and clinical implications

Dr Kathryn Ryan, Chair of the Royal College of Pathologists’ Clinical Biochemistry Specialty Advisory Committee and Consultant Clinical Biochemist at Belfast Health and Social Care Trust

The immunology of COVID-19: pathology and clinical implications 

Dr Alex Richter, Senior lecturer and Consultant in Clinical Immunology, Institute of Immunology and Immunotherapy

Vaccines and COVID-19

Dr Chris Smith, Consultant Medical Virologist at Cambridge University Hospitals