Employing doctors

The College provides a free service where we review and approve consultant level and Specialty and Associate Specialist (SAS) grade job descriptions, arrange College assessors to attend advisory appointment committees (AAC) and provide guidance on recruiting the right candidates.

To NHS Trusts in the UK, this process contributes to the statutory framework governing the appointment of consultants however we also extend this service to other employing bodies.

I have found it extremely easy to use with a single point of contact. In addition the turn around time was extremely fast with initial anomalies identified within 24 hours and a final approval given for the job descriptions, 24 hours after submission of the amendments. Thank you again for such a straight forward and rapid response.

–  Dr Jacobson, Bristol

Reviewing your job descriptions

We offer a centralised service of review and endorsement of job descriptions.

An experienced College staff member will review the draft job description against a relevant model job description. These job descriptions have been created by the College in conjunction with the relevant Specialty Advisory Committees, and are used to:

  • ensure your job description contains a proper balance of clinical, academic where relevant, research and managerial activities
  • check there are sufficient support and facilities to enable these activities to be performed
  • make the job description more appealing to potential candidates.

Once we have received your job description, we will acknowledge receipt and provide initial comments. Then seek specialist advice if needed and reply to you with any suggestions for modification or an approval.  

In 2019, the College reviewed and endorsed 508 job descriptions.

In 2020, the College reviewed and endorsed 338 job descriptions.

To request a job description review, please send an email to [email protected]

How do I source a College assessor?

In 2019, the College helped provide specialty representation on 259 interview panels.

In 2020, the College helped provide specialty representation on 248 interview panels.

We provide a College assessor to attend your AAC. College assessors have a vital role on an appointment committee as spokesperson who advises on the adequacy of candidates’ suitability for the post. 

If you have requested an assessor for your AAC, we will identify a suitable representative based on their experience and qualifications, and their availability. We will then provide you with contact details to liaise with them directly.

To source a College Assessor please contact [email protected] with the date, time, venue and pathology specialty of the AAC. Please ensure that the assessor is included in the short-listing process, as a full member of the AAC.

It is advisable that you to approach us eight weeks prior to the interview date, to ensure you are able to secure someone in good time.


Further guidance 

Guidance on the appointment of medical consultants and SAS grade to employing bodies in the UK

This document provides an overview of the appointment process, from preparing a job description to interview, and includes the services offered by us to ensure this happens. It is both for the use of employing bodies when making appointments to consultant and SAS grade, and is also useful for human resources and personnel departments arranging interview panels.

Guidance to foundation trusts on the involvement of Royal Colleges in consultant appointments