Assessors for consultant clinical scientist interviews

Understanding your role

Find out more about your role as a College Assessor by exploring our FAQs. 


Becoming an Assessor for clinical scientist posts

Who can be a College assessor?

As a College assessor can I be employed by the body making the appointment?

I have been approached by an employing body directly to be an assessor on an appointment committee. What should I do?

I know/have worked closely with one of the candidates. Should I stand down?

Your duties as College assessor

What are my duties at the appointment committee?

Can I act as a referee?

Should I comment on the job description at the appointment committee?

Before and during the interview

Is it appropriate to assess candidates by mail?

What should I do if a candidate from outside the profession, who has not undertaken pre-registration clinical scientist training, submits an application?

What do I do if a candidate who has not yet completed their training submits an application?

When are the candidates’ references read?

Following the interview

What happens after the interview?

When do I send the appointment committee Feedback Form to the College?

What does the College do with the information in the appointment committee Feedback Form?

Can I claim travel expenses for attending an appointment committee?

What happens if the appointment committee decides that an appointment at a lower level would be more appropriate?

What happens if the advice of the College assessor is disregarded by the appointment committee?

What should I do if an unsuitable candidate is selected by the appointment committee or if I perceive there is an irregularity in the interview process?

Providing your feedback

We will send you a College pack prior to the appointment committee. In this pack there is a feedback form on which we would like you to add the details of the successful candidate/s along with any comments you may have regarding the conduct of the appointment committee. This feedback form also provides you with the opportunity to raise any issues of concern.