Assessors for medical consultant interviews

Here you will find information for your role as College assessors sitting on interview panels/Advisory Appointment Committees (AACs) for England, Wales & Northern Ireland. This includes the College guidelines as well as supporting documentation and Legislation.

Understanding your role

Our guidance explains your role in detail, provides key information about Advisory Appointment Committees and assessing the eligibility of candidates. 

Providing your feedback

We send you an AAC feedback form before the interview. You can fill in the basic information before the interview and add the name of the successful candidate/s once the interview has taken place. 

Please return the completed form to the College, as we use the information to compile statistics and check for trends.

We also include the name of the successful candidate/s in the next edition of the College Bulletin. 

AAC assessor feedback form 2019.doc

Frequently asked questions

If you have a query, explore our FAQs below for guidance. You can also contact the team on [email protected] 

The role of AAC Assessors

I have been approached by an employing body directly to be a College assessor on an appointment committee. What should I do?

As a College assessor can I be employed by the body making the appointment?

What is the role of the College assessor in establishing SPA content of a post?

Should I comment on the job description at the appointment committee?

Can I act as a referee?

I know/have worked closely with one of the candidates. Should I stand down?

When are the candidates’ references read?

How are the candidates assessed?

What if I am unfamiliar or uncertain of the validity of the manner of candidate assessment?

Managing your expenses

Can I claim travel expenses for attending an AAC (appointment committee)?

Can I claim a fee for attending an appointment committee?

At the interview

Should the College representative provide feedback (verbal or written) to any candidate/applicant at the interview?

After the interview

What happens after the interview?

When do I send the appointment committee feedback form to the College?

What does the College do with the information in the appointment committee feedback form?

What should I do if an unsuitable candidate is selected by the appointment committee or if I perceive there is an irregularity in the interview process?

Foundation Trusts, job descriptions and the Medical Royal Colleges

Do Foundation Trusts involve Medical Royal Colleges in their appointments process?

Does the College request an assessor to attend an AAC with a non-approved job description?

Will I know if the job description has been approved?

What do I do if I am approached directly by a Foundation Trust to act as College assessor?

Overseas Applicants for UK consultant posts

What is the legal requirement for eligibility for a UK consultant post?

Who checks if a doctor is on the GMC Specialist Register and if they are licenced to practise?

Where can I obtain more information on the Specialist Register?

What is required for registration for doctors from the EEA and Switzerland?

What is required for registration for doctors from non-EEA countries?

What is the PLAB Test?

What happens if an applicant is not on the GMC's Medical Register or Specialist Register?

What are the language skills required?

Who can check a doctor’s language skills before they are allowed to practise in the UK?

Language skills for Overseas Applicants to UK consultant posts

What are the language skills required?

Who can check a doctor’s language skills before they are allowed to practise in the UK?

Routes to the GMC Specialist Register

Why apply to get on the GMC Specialist Register?

What are the ways of getting onto the GMC Specialist Register?

NHS Employment Check Standards

What are NHS Employment Check Standards?