Membership of the College

A national system of medical examiners and medical examiner officers was rolled out in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland to provide much-needed support for bereaved families and to improve patient safety. The College is the lead medical royal college for medical examiners and plays a key role in the training of medical examiners and medical examiner officers, as well as working closely with the National Medical Examiner on implementation of the service.

The Royal College of Pathologists has been instrumental in implementing the medical examiner system, training over 2,500 medical examiners and medical examiner officers. Joining the College as an medical examiner/medical examiner officer member offers an opportunity to continue developing in the role, with access to further educational events and an online community hub, where news and support can be shared.

dr suzy lishman feb 2012_cropped.jpg
Dr Suzy Lishman Senior Advisor on Medical Examiners, Royal College of Pathologists

Trainees are encouraged to let the College know when they have commenced the medical examiner/medical examiner officer e-learning programme so that we can update you on the support and guidance available from the College.

Member benefits

Medical examiner and medical examiner officers that complete the e-learning programme and the face-to-face training are invited to become members of the College. Membership of the College offers many benefits:

  • Post-nominals: Members can use post-nominals (RCPathME or RCPathMEO) to showcase their credentials.
  • Handbook access: Members can search the College’s ‘Members’ Handbook’ to find information about Fellows and Diplomates.
  • CPD support: Access guidance and support for continuing professional development (CPD) through the ME/MEO hub online community or by contacting the College team.
  • Resource library: Members can explore the National Medical Examiner’s Good Practice Series.
  • Stay informed: Access the College’s bimonthly magazine, The Bulletin.
  • Discounts: Enjoy discounts on publications and journals.
  • Monthly digest: Receive a monthly email with the latest news from the President’s Newsletter.
  • Local network: Connect with local regional networks of medical examiners and medical examiner officers.
  • Engage online: Join the online ME/MEO community hub where members can meet, discuss topics, access exclusive webinars and use the community video-room.  Coming soon!
  • Event access: Attend College events at discounted rates.
  • Conference opportunity: Book discounted tickets for the annual Medical Examiners Conference.
  • Committee involvement: Medical examiners can contribute to the strategic objectives by joining the Medical Examiners Committee.
  • Pathology portal: Access a range of resources through the College’s Pathology Portal.
  • Professional representation: Benefit from the College’s representation in consultations with the UK government and other key stakeholders.

We have a dedicated team of professionals to answer your concerns and queries and we can be reached at: [email protected].

If you’re keen on joining, your first step will be to complete your training.