Setting up a medical examiner system

This page provides information for local providers on setting up their local system including advice on establishing need and capacity, funding and recruitment. The development, construction and staffing of medical examiner systems will need to be managed at a local level.

Almost all acute trusts in England now have a Medical Examiner service. These services are being rolled out to cover deaths in the community. It is recommended that services are expanded gradually until all deaths in an area are reviewed.

The below video, provided by Dr Alan Fletcher, National Medical Examiner, provides an overview for providers of the key issues to consider. In discussion with Daisy Shale, Lead Medical Examiner Officer for Wales, Dr Fletcher explores lessons learned from pilot schemes across the country, covering staffing, service provision and the organisation of a medical examiner service.

The National Medical Examiner has issued Good Practice Guidelines, which are essential reading for anyone setting up or running a Medical Examiner service.

Building on lessons from the pilot schemes and early adopter sites, this guidance includes information about everything you need to set up a service, from job descriptions and training to governance and working with local stakeholders.


Good practice guidance