Haematology workforce survey 2019

A UK-wide survey of haematologists was conducted in 2019, to provide the College with a comprehensive picture of the laboratory haematology workforce. 

Through our survey, we sought to obtain a realistic idea of the number of vacant posts in the UK in this specialty, and will use the resulting data to influence organisations with the potential to address the problems identified, working towards finding solutions. Ensuring diagnostic services can cope with current and future demand is vital if we are to improve experience and outcomes for patients.

Key findings

The combined response rate to our survey for the UK was 49%, however, the response rates for the individual devolved nations were generally higher. Northern Ireland had an 80% response rate, followed by 67% for Wales, 54% for Scotland and 47% for England.

The following findings emerged from the data. As of September 2019:

  • the organisations that responded to the survey indicated that 407 medically qualified haematology consultants were in post
  • with clinical pressures on haematology consultants increasing, respondents expressed concerns that they are finding it increasingly difficult to undertake vital diagnostic work in the laboratory
  • respondents indicated that there were difficulties recruiting to consultant posts, both medical and clinical scientists, as well as specialty and associate specialist (SAS) grade posts.