Recruitment into pathology

Although the College is not responsible for recruitment into medical, scientific or veterinary pathology, when recruitment is open, recruitment information will appear on this page. Please direct any questions about recruitment to the responsible organisations.

Entry requirements for medical trainees

Chemical Pathology and Chemical Pathology (Metabolic Medicine)

Entry requirements for Chemical Pathology and Chemical Pathology (Metabolic Medicine)

Diagnostic neuropathology

Entry requirements for diagnostic neuropathology

Forensic histopathology

Entry requirements for forensic histopathology


Entry requirements for Histopathology

Medical Microbiology, Medical Virology and Medical Microbiology or Virology and Infectious Diseases (also known as CIT)

Entry requirements for medical microbiology, medical virology and medical microbiology or virology and infectious diseases (also known as CIT)

Paediatric and perinatal pathology

Entry requirements for paediatric and perinatal pathology

Recruitment websites for medical trainees

Below are the links to the websites for recruitment to Specialty Registrar (StR) pathology training in:

Where to look for jobs