Medical Virology

This section of the website is currently for medical virology trainees who start specialty training from August 2021.

Medical Virology Curriculum 2021

The new 2021 curricula will be assessed by High Level Outcomes, which are included in the form of Capabilities in Practice (CiPs), CiPs describe the professional tasks or work within the scope of postgraduate pathology training; they are based on the format of entrustable professional activities, which are a method of using the professional judgement of appropriately trained assessors as a key aspect of the validity of assessment and a defensible way of forming global judgements of professional performance.

The 2021 Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine curricula can be found on the JRCPTB website.

Assessment Strategy

The Royal College of Pathologists' assessment strategy identifies the broad approach and purpose of our programme of assessment and describes the approach for the medical pathology specialties regulated by the General Medical Council.

ARCP Decision Aid

The decision aids provide guidance on the requirements to be achieved for a satisfactory ARCP outcome at the end of each training year.

Rough Guide to Implementation - Infection Specialties curricula

The following guide has been developed to support trainees, educational supervisors and training programme directors. It should be used with the 2021 curriculum.

Transitional Arrangements Webinar

All current trainees not starting their specialty training in August/September 2021 will remain on their current curriculum until after the spring 2022 ARCPs. Existing trainees will be transferred to the new curriculum in the spring after their ARCPs.

Please see below the webinar video, slides and FAQs from the Transitional Arrangement Webinar held on 26 May 2022.

Transitional Arrangement FAQs 


Who fills out the Gap Analysis form? Is it the ES, Trainee or TPD? And is it to be done before or after the Summer ARCPs

If a trainee is moving to ST5 in November 2023, does the trainee stay in the old curriculum in ST4, and transition to the new curriculum at the ARCP in November 2023?

For those who are LTFT, will we transfer onto the same training year but on the new curriculum? Or will a date be set for the point we were moved to the next training year on the new curriculum?

Will the links from the old curriculum be migrated across?

Are ID/MM trainees expected to do an acute unselected take as HST?

Will the PYAs held this summer potentially before the new curriculum is introduced be held against the new curriculum?

If a trainee is out of programme and do not currently have access to their ePortfolio, how do we go about doing the Gap Analysis.

When will the new curriculum be uploaded to the ePortfolio?

Is there a change to the Med Micro curriculum as well?

Not in the final year of training, LTFT, 18 months to go, so will be more than a year – do I still have to transfer to the new curriculum?