Past Presidents

Past Presidents

  • Professor Jo Martin - (2017-2020)

    Professor Jo Martin, consultant histopathologist, is elected as the nineteenth College President.

  • Dr Suzy Lishman CBE - (2014-2017)

    Past-President (2014-2017) and Chair of the Medical Examiners Committee

  • Dr Archie Prentice - (2011-2014)

    Dr Archie Prentice, consultant haematologist, is elected as the seventeenth College President

  • Professor Peter Furness - (2008-2011)

    Professor Peter Furness, renal pathologist, is elected as the sixteenth College President.

  • Professor Adrian Newland CBE - (2005-2008)

    Professor Adrian Newland, leading haematologist, is elected as the fifteenth College President.     

  • Professor Sir James Underwood - (2002-2005)

    Professor Sir James Underwood, renowned histopathologist, is elected as the fourteenth College President.       

  • Professor Sir John Lilleyman - (1999-2002)

    Professor Sir John Lilleyman, an international authority in paediatric haematology, is elected as the thirteenth College President.

  • Professor Sir Roderick MacSween - (1996-1999)

    Professor Sir Roderick MacSween, world-renowned liver expert, is elected as the twelfth College President.

  • Professor Alastair Bellingham CBE - (1993-1996)

    Professor Alastair Bellingham, a well-known haematologist, is elected as the eleventh College President.

  • Professor Sir Peter Lachmann FRS - (1990-1993)

    Professor Sir Peter Lachmann, immunologist and Founder President of the UK Academy of Medical Sciences, is elected as the tenth College President.

  • Professor Sir Dillwyn Williams - (1987-1990)

    Professor Sir Dillwyn Willams, who discovered that the medullary cancer of the thyroid develops from the C-cells, is elected as the ninth College President

  • Professor Dame Barbara Clayton - (1984-1987)

    Professor Dame Barbara Clayton, a renowned chemical pathologist, is elected as the eighth College President and the first female President.

  • Professor Robert Curran - (1981-1984)

    Professor Robert Curran, one of the first in the country to develop immunohistochemical techniques, is elected as the seventh College President.

  • Professor John Anderson CBE - (1978-1981)

    Professor John Anderson, an eminent immunopathologist, is elected as the sixth College President

  • Sir Robert WIlliams - (1975-1978)

    Robert Williams, a distinguished bacteriologist, is elected as the fifth College President

  • Sir John Dacie FRS - (1972-1975)

    John Dacie, an illustrious academic and haematologist, is elected as the fourth College President.

  • Sir Theo Crawford - (1969-1972)

    Sir Theo Crawford, main architect of the College’s structure and ethics, is elected as the third College President. He helps to establish medical microbiology, chemical pathology and haematology as discrete specialties.

  • Sir James Howie - (1966-1969)

    Bacteriologist James Howie is elected as the second College President, following the death of Sir Roy Cameron.

  • Sir Roy Cameron FRS - (1962-1966)

    When the College of Pathologists was established in 1962, Sir Roy Cameron was elected as the first President.