Membership FAQ

Fee Payments and Receipts

How can I pay my membership fees?

When are membership fees due?

What are the benefits of paying by Direct Debit?

Can I request a receipt for membership fees paid?

Can I claim a reduction in my subscription fee?

I am a new Fellow – what fees do I need to pay and when?

I have not paid my fees – will my membership continue?

I did not pay my fees and I have been removed from the College Register – can I regain my membership?

Update my details

I have changed my contact details – how I can I advise the College of my new details?

I am retiring – do I have to inform the College?

I have changed my name – do I have to inform the College?

Certificates and Verifications

I have lost my Fellowship certificate – can I request a replacement?

I am a new Fellow – when will I receive my certificate?

My employer requires confirmation of my membership – can this be provided by the College?


Why is the College making Diplomate the outcome for the FRCPath Part 1 examination?

Who is eligible for Diplomate membership?

How much is Diplomate membership?

What are the benefits of Diplomate membership?

How do I apply to become a Diplomate member of the College?

I am a Registered Trainee and have passed my FRCPath Part 1 examination. What are the additional benefits of becoming a Diplomate?

Is the College still offering Associateship to those who pass FRCPath Part 1?

Other Membership FAQs

How do I get access to the Online Handbook?

How do I get access to the Restricted area of the College website?

FAQs for trainees

If I am on the transitional curriculum and take time out of training for a PhD after ST3, will I return to the transitional curriculum?

The new curriculum has been approved by the GMC, does this mean that the project and critical appraisal is now removed from FRCPath exams?

Is the 31 July 2023 CCT date based on what was used on the previous curriculum? I.e. 5.5 years?

Will there be any resource training to familiarise trainees with the new LEPT system?

What is happening to Stage D requirements? When does your project need to be submitted by on the new curriculum?

If a trainee is not due their ARCP until December this year, will they stay on the current curriculum and using the current LEPT system until after the ARCP in the December?

I am a Chemical Pathology (Metabolic Medicine) trainee, how many clinics do we need to attend across the domain to the new curriculum?

My CCT date is 1 August 2023 – is 31 July 2023 a hard and fast rule?

Will Chemical Pathology only trainees have clinic numbers defined as the same as Chemical Pathology/Metabolic Medicine?

If Chemical Pathology CCT is performed 31 July 2023, do I still need 12 months Stage D after passing the exam? Or can I pass the exam within a few months of CCT?

When will we know whether the project will continue/stop?

Can previous PhD’s be performed before commencing training?

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