29 April 2022

Please submit your cases by 10 June.

The College set up the COVID-19 Post-Mortem Portal in 2020 at the height of the COVID pandemic. This database of information was set up to help inform treatment and research about the disease. Our aim has always been to interrogate the data within the portal to help our understanding of the disease. Unfortunately, the ethics approval of for this has taken some considerable time despite being `fast tracked'.

However, we are now in a position to review and assess the data held within the portal and to produce learning materials from it. We plan to start the process in the next month and have won a £40,000 grant from Pfizer to pay for the project.

With this in mind please submit any remaining COVID-19 Post-Mortem cases you may have into the portal so we have as much information as possible about the disease to work on in order to be able to make this project as comprehensive, informative and useful as possible. The portal can be accessed at the at COVID-19 post-mortem portal

You must log in to your RCPath account to submit a case. Please submit your case by Friday 10 June. The portal allows you to submit an anonymised report, in any format, and up to five associated images no larger than 5MB each. Each case and its associated images requires a separate submission. All reports will have their data extracted and incorporated into a single database. Results will be analysed and we plan to have the results published within the next twelve months.