25 November 2019

The College has published a set of Key assurance indicators (KAIs) for pathology services.

This document is the result of the revised key performance indicators (KPIs) document that was published in 2013. The revision of KPIs was necessary to ensure that the indicators remained current. The KPIs have been adapted to focus on indicators that assure service quality rather than performance efficiency.

The numbers of indicators have also been reduced to avoid duplication of the ISO15189:2012 standard.

The new KAIs cover the following seven key areas of pathology practice:

  • KAIs for senior staff
  • KAIs for training, education and innovation
  • KAIs for repertoire of tests and reporting of errors
  • KAIs for engagement with patients and users
  • KAI for interpretative clinical advice and engagement with Multi-Disciplinary Teams (MDTs)
  • KAIs for timeliness of reports and clinical advice
  • KAI for external quality assurance.

Download the KAIs for pathology services 

The KAIs for pathology services document is still in development as we intend to provide further guidance on appropriate workload in different specialties.

We will be working with the Specialty Advisory and Intercollegiate Committees to provide further input into creating a limited portfolio of pathology  specialty-specific indicators that we propose to add to the this document as a set of appendices.