3 October 2023

We are glad to announce the successful completion of technical external quality assurance (EQA) governance and performance frameworks (Workstreams 1 and 2), marking a significant advance in enhancing EQA in our field.

Key Achievements:

Workstream 1: Robust governance framework

Workstream 1 focused on establishing a robust governance and assurance framework within EQA processes. This framework ensures transparency and accountability at every step of the EQA journey. With clearly defined guidelines and enhanced governance structures, EQA scheme providers can operate with a greater level of confidence, knowing that their efforts align with best practices.

The governance framework includes mechanisms for clear reporting, adherence to ethical standards, and compliance with regulatory requirements. By instilling these principles at the core of EQA operations, we aim to strengthen trust among stakeholders and promote a culture of quality assurance within the industry.

Workstream 2: Enhanced performance management

Workstream 2 has been instrumental in implementing a consistent and effective approach to identifying and addressing poor performance within EQA processes. By elevating the standards of EQA, this achievement ensures that the results and findings are reliable and of the highest quality.

Performance management involves continuous monitoring, data analysis, and timely interventions to address any discrepancies or deviations from established benchmarks. Through this approach, EQA scheme providers can proactively address issues, making the entire EQA process more robust and reliable.

Access to documents and more information

For more detailed information, including comprehensive reports and documents related to these milestones, please visit our Technical EQA page below. 

Technical EQA

Your contribution matters

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all contributors, experts, and stakeholders who have played a vital role in achieving these milestones. Your dedication to advancing EQA is truly commendable, and we look forward to continuing this journey together.