Technical EQA

A two year programme has been produced with the aim to develop a robust framework for the system wide governance and oversight of external quality assurance (EQA) to ensure high standards in quality management, embed patient safety into pathology, ensure excellence in pathology output and support safe, high quality patient care across the health service. In addition, the programme aims to produce a sustainable funding mechanism from financial contributions from the relevant EQA scheme providers, based on openness, transparency and fairness.

We will achieve this by concentrating on 4 objectives which comprise the delivery plan.

  • Developing and implementing a robust multi-stakeholder governance and assurance framework incorporating new developments in systems governance, pathology service provision and External Quality Assurance.
  • Agreeing and implementing a consistent approach to identifying and responding to poor performance. 
  • Developing systems, practices and policies to share learning relating to quality management, continuous quality improvement and assurance of pathology results with service providers, manufacturers, professional societies and oversight bodies. 
  • Strengthening collaboration with our external/regulatory partners across health services in the UK 

EQA Oversight Board

The EQA Oversight Board provides a collective oversight and assurance to the work identified and scrutinised by the EQA Stakeholders Forum and co-ordinates the delivery of the agreed  objectives. A major area of work overseen by the EQA Oversight Board is the delivery  plan which defines the workstreams that will operationalise the agreed  objectives.  The EQA Oversight Board meets 3-4 times a year.

EQA Stakeholders Forum

The EQA Stakeholders Forum is a multi-stakeholder group and provides the scrutiny function to ensure that the work and priorities have users’ interests and perspectives at the centre. It has representation from the following members:

Dr Berenice Lopez - (Chair (and Chair of JWGQA))
Prof Peter Johnston - (Vice Chair)
Dr Barbara de la Salle - (UKNEQAS)
Dr Finlay MacKenzie - (UKNEQAS Chem Path)
Dr Ros Hastings - (GenQA)
Mr Ben Courtney - (UKAS)
Dr Karen Morgan - (LGCG)
Mr Liam Whitby - (UKNEQAS)
Dr Allan Wilson - (IBMS)
Mr Dean Moull - (PHE)
Dr Annette Thomas - (WEQAS)
Dr Colin Steel - (QCMD)
Dr Mark Gompels - (NQAAP Immunology)
Prof Bryan Woodward - (NQAAP Reproductive Science)
Dr Duncan McPherson - (MHRA)
Dr Glenda Horne - (NQAAP Microbiology)
Dr Judy Wyatt - (Cell Path I EQA & Cell Path NQAAP)
dr Stephen Doherty - (RIQAS)
Dr Phillip Monaghan - (NQQAP Chemical Pathology)
Dr Jack Whitewood - (DEQAS)
Mr Chris Jelley - (Lay Representative)
Dr Jayne Wheway - (NHS England & NHS Improvement)
Dr Keith Gomez - (NQAAP Haematology)
Revd. Dr Gordon Sinclair - (NQAAP Haematology)
Dr Sian Morgan - (NQAAP Genetics)
Dr Gareth McKeeman - (Northern Ireland Regional Council)
Dr Bernie Croal -  (Chair, Scotland Regional Council)
Dr Deborah Pritchard - (Wales Regional Council)
Dr Sharon Fensome-Rimmer - (HFEA)
Dr David Card - (KEQAS)
Ms Katherine Timms - (RCPath)
Ms Hoomairah Atchia-Rawat - (RCPath)
Mr Shane Johns - (RCPath)


Latest news

The College has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Care Quality Commission to enable the sharing of information to safeguard the wellbeing of the people receiving health and social care in England, promote patient safety, and support improvements in care and coordinate activity and use resources effectively.