National Quality Assurance Advisory Panels

The National Quality Assurance Advisory Panels (NQAAP) are a crucial body overseeing the performance of medical laboratories and Point of Care Testing (POCT) locations in the UK. They focus on addressing persistent poor performance in patient/clinical sample testing, excluding research, veterinary, and overseas labs. Collaborating with External Quality Assessment (EQA) providers, the NQAAPs ensure consistent oversight of specific tests, harmonises standards, and facilitates cooperation. It engages solely with UK performance issues, while EQA providers work directly with labs to resolve problems. The NQAAPs role is pivotal in maintaining high testing standards and patient safety.

At the core of our operation are 7 distinct NQAAP panels: Genetics, Haematology, Immunology, Microbiology, Reproductive Science, Cellular Pathology and Chemical Pathology. Each panel is aligned with a specific discipline. Together, these panels epitomise our commitment to nurturing excellence in analytical procedures.

NQAAP minutes and documents

The Cellular Pathology National Quality Assurance Advisory Panel (NQAAP) and the Chemical Pathology NQAAP are the only NQAAPs facilitated by the College, however the College does host the NQAAPs from other specialties. As such, you can find all of the minutes and annual reports in the box below.