15 June 2018

The College has teamed up with South West London Pathology to create the second in a series of new public engagement videos explaining what happens in the laboratory, this time focusing on a clinical blood sciences lab

The second of a series of videos by the College and South West London Pathology has been released on social media.

One of the aims of the videos is to demystify what happens in a laboratory and to show the incredible people working every day to ensure accurate test results.

This video charts the journey of a ferritin blood sample which helps assess levels of iron in the body, and the consultant clinical scientists and biomedical scientists it encounters as it makes its way through the clinical blood sciences lab.

Ferritin is an iron storage protein. Iron is important for making haemoglobin, which carries oxygen around the body. Too little ferritin is an indicator of iron deficiencies, and too much could result in other problems in the body.    

The link to the video is below. Please share the video by using #DiscoverPathology.