8 January 2018

With just one week to go till the deadline, find out how and why you should nominate this year

The Furness Prize for Science Communication is an award given to a pathology trainee who has shown excellence in their science communication activities throughout 2017.

This person may have developed resources for teachers and students, run outreach sessions, produced high quality public dialogue events, worked with other organisations such as museums or charities, and/or encouraged colleagues to take part in science communication activities.

The prize was created to cultivate awareness amongst pathology trainees about the importance of public engagement, and recognise and reward those who have worked hard in this area.

The award of £200 is generously funded by Professor Peter Furness, former President of The Royal College of Pathologists (2008-2011).

Last year’s winner was Dr Ayesha Azam, who was “passionate about inspiring future pathologists” and “participated in over 20 events in five years”.

If this sounds like you or someone you know, please visit the Furness Prize for Science Communication page for more information on how to apply.

The deadline for submitting your nomination for the Furness Prize for Science Communication is 15 January 2018.