2 February 2021

The Royal College of Pathologists is working in partnership with Health Education England (HEE) to create a specialist educational solution to support the training of pathology specialties.

The Pathology Portal will be a new online platform to enable trainees to access and complete image-based training more equitably, ensure consistency across the country and support a new capability and competence driven approach.

The portal will be offered as part of the Learning Hub, sitting alongside other educational resources on the Learning Hub and will also be accessible directly from The Royal College of Pathologists' website. This will enable learners to join up their learning activity in a single place, making it easier and more user friendly to find, review and complete digital training.

The Learning Hub is Health Education England’s new digital platform that provides easy access to a wide range of education and training resources for the health and care workforce. Organisations and users can contribute and share resources for those in health and care to access.

Professor Jo Martin, Pathology Portal Project lead said:

`We are delighted that the Royal College of Pathologists has established a partnership with Health Education England on this innovative project. The creation of the Pathology Portal will deliver a platform to host high quality training materials that can be customised to individual needs covering flexible training, return-to-work training, and testing of learning.

Starting with cellular pathology, the aim is to expand the platform to cover other pathology specialties, providing trainees with an adaptive learning approach, to support development of proficiency in general and specialist areas of learning and provide a flexible and equitable access to content.’

Dr Neil Ralph, Head of Technology Enhanced Learning at Health Education England, said:

“The development of the Pathology Portal will enable there to be greater consistency and efficiency in the training of pathology skills through the power of the digital approach.

“To meet the needs of patients it is essential that there are the right numbers of people with the right skills across the existing and future health and care workforce.

“The Learning Hub is the next generation national learning platform for the NHS and the wider health and care workforce ensuring everyone can benefit from a variety of learning resources.  The development of the Pathology Portal widens the education and training offer and strengthens the learning experience available for the health and care workforce.”

For further information contact: [email protected].