7 May 2018

ST3 Recruitment - Message from the College President and Chair of the Trainee Advisory Committee

The Royal College of Pathologists was made aware that ST3 recruitment offers in the medical specialties have been recalled. The Royal College of Physicians of London (RCPL) undertake this process on behalf of the four nations' training bodies, including Health Education England, NHS Education Scotland, the Northern Ireland Medical and Dental Training Agency, and the Wales Deanery. 

We are fully aware of the distress and concern that this has caused and we will support trainees in whatever ways we can through these unsettling events. The RCPL has apologised unreservedly, and are working as fast as possible to sort out the situation for trainees. They have said that the problem was caused by human error in transferring spreadsheet data. We are told that this will require the re-running of the offers process and it is expected that new job offers will begin to be issued on 10 May.

We are fully aware of the distress and worry that this will cause to all those affected. To have a job offer withdrawn is an incredibly unsettling thing to happen, and not one we want our hard working and really valued colleagues to go through. We offer our full support and assistance where we can and would encourage you to contact us directly.

We will tweet when we get further news, but the most up to date information is being posted on the RCP website link: http://www.st3recruitment.org.uk/news. You  can also contact us at, chair.tac@rcpath.org 

Professor  Jo Martin, President

Dr Rebecca Halas, Chair, Trainee Advisory  Committee